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Lifting and handling

An answer to your needs

Our company is capable of meeting your needs whether they are for a simple one-off intervention or a complicated removal operation from or between industrial sites.

Our handling teams are mobile throughout France and have specific means for lifting, jacking and moving on the ground. The design team determines the operating mode for the intervention based on the client's requirements.

So that nothing is left to hazard and to reduce the interruptions to the production on the site being moved, we also take care of the logistics planning and hire the transporters. Moving machines and parts that exceed normal load sizes and require exceptional transports is part of our know-how.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by accurately complying with our commitments to deadlines and by using a network of reliable partners coordinated by us.

Typical areas of intervention are as follows:

  • Transfer of production lines between sites
  • Refitting industrial site
  • Replacing machines in a production workshop
  • Unloading goods and on-site installation

All our cranes and elevated platforms can be mobilised very quickly for handling operations and allow areas that are out of normal reach to be accessed in complete safety.

Interventions on industrial sites

Our teams intervene on industrial sites for maintenance related to our fields of competence.

  • Total or partial replacement of metal structures such as: frames, plates, container walls, stairs, handrails
  • Strengthening structures where the loading has been changed
  • Adapting existing structures and installing monorails, lifting jibs...
  • Replacing motors, ventilators or any element present in a production line

The same procedure as is used for new metal structures is used to determine which parts to replace:

  • On-site removal of the elements to be replaced
  • Preparation of the operating method for their replacement
  • Confirmation of the operating method by the client
  • Preparation of general and detailed plans
  • Starting production
  • Monitoring quality and deliver lead times

Whether it is the CACES (Certificats d'Aptitude à la Conduite d'Engins Spéciaux) for crane or elevated platform drivers or the 'Risque Chimique' (chemical hazards) authorisation, employees regular training is documented by a safety management system that is checked by audits.