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Metal structures

A full service

Barthel SA's metallic construction service is not limited to building industrial workshops in steel profile. These buildings are just one part of a large selection of specific structures adapted to user needs and the local layout.

Starting from architect sketches or the needs expressed by a client, the project specifications are transformed into a complete manufacturing file by the design team.

The same procedures and the same thoroughness that is used for major structures (industrial site construction and improvements) is applied to smaller structures (handrails and access stairs, secondary frames supporting machines, equipment for handling loads...).

Workshop manufacture

Our workshops are equipped to satisfy a large variety of requests for metal structures. They include:

  • A 'debiting' section with saws for steel profiles, sheet metal chisels
  • An 'assembly' section with welding workstations fitted to articulated jibs
  • A 'machining' section with lathes

Plates and specific shapes are prepared on a digitally controlled automatic cutting table fitted with a plasma nozzle, a blowpipe and a marking tool.

Transport and on-site positioning

Our own teams intervene on construction sites to install the metal frames.

The transport and lifting equipment that we own ensures great flexibility when planning your worksites.