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Design team

A design team available for you

Our design team is available to complete your projects whilst complying with your requirements by proposing manufacturing processes that are aimed at ensuring good value for money.

The latest generation of CAD equipment, operated by highly qualified staff, is at your service.

Centred on the two basic competences which are:

  • Calculations for metal structures (sizing, seismic...)
  • Preparing manufacture (plans, monitoring, worksite...)

The design team has extended its activity to incorporate an effective purchasing unit and technology monitoring unit so you can take advantage of the latest products at the best prices.

Your projects are managed from start to finish with thoroughness and in compliance with the following technical procedures:

  • Preparation of a static calculation report that takes account of seismic effects, if required
  • Drawing of the overall plan
  • Presentation of the plan to the client for approval
  • Taking account of any changes that accompany the approval for execution
  • Printing the manufacturing file from the CAD model including parts lists, detailed plans and work sheets for the digitally controlled machines
  • Monitoring production quality and lead times

It is by listening to our clients and making sure we have fully understood their needs that we are able to find the construction principle that is most effective and which provides them with the most satisfaction.